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Our Story

This is our temporary site while our new site is being constructed. Please check back in the months to come as our site continues to grow into a portal where our community can get the information they need.

The Fredonia Fire Department has 1 paid Fire Chief, Ten career Firefighter/Paramedics, Three part-time Firefighter/Paramedics, and about 100 Volunteers, some of which are also Paramedics and EMT’S. We provide advanced life support 24/7. The Department has 3 Pumpers E-12, E-14, E-15, (1) 118′ E-One Bronto Ladder Tower- Tower-18, 1 Tanker TA-11, 1 Heavy rescue/Air truck R-11, 2 ALS Ambulances R-12, R-15, One reserve Ambulance R-14, 1 Large Miscellaneous truck M-15, Two small miscellaneous trucks M-11, and M-14, 1 Chief/Command vehicle Car-11. The Department operates out of one large central station. The command structure is one paid chief, three assistant chiefs, one captain, three lieutenants, one safety officer, an accountability officer, an EMS officer, and an extrication officer. There are two training officers, One driver training officer, and three career lieutenants. Our district ranges from urban to rural, including 16 miles of Interstate 90, an NYS college campus, many industries, and housing complexes. Part of our district also touches the shores of Lake Erie. We have many 3 and 4 story buildings, and an 11 story building on campus. We have a large downtown business district and cover a combined population of about 22,000 people in the Village, campus, and the surrounding Town. Our radio call sign on the County frequency is KEC-505 (freq. 46.100 and 46.140), Our own Fredonia Fire Dispatch is frequency 45.600 call sign WPRX-448.